The shopping list app that you will never forget at home. Remembers all products you need to buy and helps you do shopping with ease.

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One hand to buy, another – to swipe

Strike out items from your list using only one hand – leaving the other free to take products off the shelves and put them into your shopping cart. To mark a product as bought in your shopping list, simply swipe this item from the left to the right – and it will be struck out and moved to the end of the list.

With Organizy, you will never remove a product by accident, e.g. because you “tap something” – all actions in Organizy are ergonomic and well-thought.

Quickly fill your list with products

Whether you need to enter a short or long shopping list – you can do this very quickly with Organizy.

Usually, it’s enough to type only 2-3 letters and you’ll immediately see the list of suggested products containing these letters. Then, just pick the one you need and proceed with adding the next product to your shopping list.

See what to buy in each department

Organizy not only contains information about thousands of products, but also knows where all these products should be located in a shop.

So, it automatically groups them by departments and helps to route perfectly in a shop. This radically reduces the amount of time you spend in a store and makes you sure that you don’t forget anything.

Always keep your lists with you

No matter how many shopping lists you want to manage – you can enter the unlimited number of them into the Organizy shopping app.

And then keep all your lists in a place that is always at hand – in your iPhone.

You’ll buy everything with Organizy! Well, almost everything…

Organizy is for any purpose and for any person! If you go to a store to buy groceries for your home, or simply need household essentials, or plan to host a party with your friends – Organizy can help you enjoy your shopping!

Even if you are Santa, you should try Organizy – and you will have much more time for working miracles!

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What Customers Say from AppStore

★★★★★ – M444Casper
Cool!!! – I’m loving it!!! Thank you!!! One of the best apps!!! Very easy to use. Recommend it.

★★★★★ – Pestaloccy
Like it! – Well-thought app. Thanks! The only wish is that several people could use it with iCloud synchronization.

★★★★★ – Лавонн
Love it very much! – I finally cleaned my bag and threw out all paper notes, which also were lost very often. Now I need only remember to write everything into the app :)))

★★★★☆ – serg.hali
4 – minus one point because there is no sync) in any case – it’s easy and fun to use)

★★★★★ – Natasha310190
Like it – Handy app, helps a lot. Thank you

★★★★★ – Тихий-Мирный
Excellent – Like a lot! Easy and handy!

★★★★☆ – A.Shaft
Bright and handy – Beautiful icon, superb name and well-thought interface. Lacks sorting capability (possibly whole groups) and adding custom categories.

★★★★★ – warcraft114
5 – Everything is simple and easy.

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